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I invite you to come see what I have seen in nature: a baby giraffe galloping on the Etosha plains in Namibia, a loon feeding its chick, a bee pollinating a pickerel weed, squabbling Nelson's sparrows, dawn's early light from atop Cadillac Mountain, and the six stamens of a day lily. And much much more. I love observing animals and birds, so nature photography has become a driving passion for me and is the main subject of this site. But I also enjoy capturing images of landscapes, seascapes, trees, flowers, bugs and sometimes abstract digital images based on photographs I have taken.  This website is a way I can share many of these images with you, so please have a look.

In this website I have included only the best of my several thousand nature and bird photographs, concentrating primarily on images that tell a story or are particularly striking.

You can leave comments about photographs you have viewed and you can order a print at virtually any size that will be delivered directly to your address. You can "like" a photograph on Facebook where I post almost daily.  For even more images check out my older larger zenfolio website.   Also, check out my photo sites on Flickr and Instagram.  

After retiring from the University of Massachusetts eleven years ago, I jumped into nature photography and have found my subjects principally in New England, Canada, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Costa Rica, Alaska, and Namibia.  On some of these trips I have been joined by good friend and outstanding bird photographer Karl Gerstenberger. I am a Canon shooter, and primarily use the 1DX, 5DM3 and 7D2  bodies, combined with various zoom and telephoto lenses, teleconverters, filters and my trusty Gitzo 1320 CF tripod. After a shoot, I spend time at my Mac computer, using Photoshop, Lightroom and other programs to select and catalog keeper images, and in many cases to crop, change tonal balance, and other post-processing steps.

I feel privileged to have seen all this through my camera and lens. I hope you will enjoy these images.

Keith Carver

updated 8-24-2018

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